Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 4: Pop-Up Reindeer Cards


Today, we’re making pop-up reindeer cards. I got this pattern off so I won’t take credit for it. They even have a video on the website on how to make it. I will be showing you pictures, and linking to the appropriate patterns for you to make it easy to complete this project.

Now, I have added my own personal creative touches to this project, and it’s the perfect demonstration how you can take a pattern and make it yours. I’ve been waiting for the snow, so I decided to make this card, well, more snowy.


  • Coloured cardstock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Printed-off patterns – you can find them here, here and here
  • For my version: acrylic paint, clear coat and glitter

1. First following the pattern cut out all your pieces. I don’t use the ornament pieces for my cards. Be sure to glitter your pieces at this step. IMG_1884

2. I also cut out a ‘landscape’ that will go in front of my reindeer. This way, the bottom is sort of hidden.


3. Next start designing your card. I begin with the front. I painted with blue acrylic paint, and then glittered some hills in front. On top of this glitter (once dry, of course), I used a coat of brush on clear coat. This prevents the glitter from getting all over the person who receives this card, as I’m sure they would not appreciate that.


4. I then used the same stamps that I used for my ornaments to stamp on some snowflakes and a cute saying. Now the front is ultimately a winter wonderland :)


5. Once that’s dry, you can begin working on the inside. I paint out my basic blue background – anyone can paint this, sans skills required!


6. Now begin placing your pop-up pieces. You can either mark your card based on the pattern from Martha Stewart. What I did: I folded up the pieces, and placed them, being sure that they do not extend from the sides of the card, and then glued the tabs.


7. Make sure that everything pops up right.


8. Next, glue on your landscape, and then you’re done! You’ll notice that this one below has snowflakes stamped on the inside as well – I only did it to this one. I realized after, that this didn’t leave much room for a holidays greetings.


Here comes Rudolph!


Amanda said...

Oh these are so cute!! I need to get cracking on my cards for this year... i want to make them for a change. Definitely using some ideas from your series! :)

The Belly Dancer said...

Very cool!