Monday, June 22, 2009

My Crackle Paint Experiment

A couple weeks ago, I got intrigued by a product: "Golden's Crackle Paste." I tend to be a curious artist, so I just had to try it out. When reading up on the product - nothing was stressed more then unpredictability of the product. So many things affect the results: what you mix with it, temperature, humidity and more. But that's alright, because it was an experiment! This is what I got:

Resurrection - Acrylic on Masonite board, 9 x 12"

This piece, Resurrection, is about bringing new life to what was otherwise considered dead. That there is always hope, even when you think things are over. It displays the natural power of water in our world, and how important it is.

Ok - so I worked on Masonite board. I read that this product might warp your support - so Masonite was a safe support. I gesso-ed it, and prepped it as normal. I didn't mix colour with the paste, but since I read about it sometimes being fragile, I added some gel medium. I think this is why it only cracked a little bit. Next time I will just try the paste and hope that it doesn't fall apart. But, the gel medium also let me build it up abit, and not have the entire portion cracked - so it turned out for the best! I only coated a little less than half of the support - I wanted a smooth upper portion. I let the medium harden and cure for a couple days before painting over it.

I used paint mixed with glazing medium to achieve the colour - varying the consistency as needed. After, I coated the entire piece with a highly glossy protective coat - I love highly textured glossy pieces hehe.

This piece is not yet listed for sale, but it is available if you're interested just contact me: I will post once I have it listed somewhere if it doesn't go before then :o)


Waterstone by Lori Plyler said...

Very cool effect. I love the colors.

mira said...

I really like the effect with the crackle medium. It turned out lovely.

Jennifer said...

This is wonderful. I think the effect is just perfect it has a tenderness to it that feels like gentle hope especially with those colors. For me it's very healing and needed right now :)

synesthetick said...

it came out really nice! i love unpredictability in painting. (=