Monday, June 15, 2009

New Art Supplies!!

I got some new art supplies in today! I ordered them from - a great supplier if you're Canadian (then you don't have to pay high shipping / customs)...I ordered Thursday I think, and I already have them!

I got some paint colors that I was running low on - or already out of; and then some new ones. By the way, prices were more then half of Micheal's in most cases! I also got some Masonite boards - a cheap way to experiment new techniques on :)

I was using Van Gogh watercolors - but I don't' like their caps so much (they just get mucked up too easily, and then the tubes dry out :( - so I've switched to Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolors; a switch I'm very happy with. It's an eventual switch - since I'm not going to just throw out the other paint.

The other two tubes are acrylic. I work with both Golden and Liquitex paints. It's a matter of both the colour palettes offered by them, and the paint texture that I sometimes want. I can't bring myself to only work with one - so I use both :)

What I'm most excited about though is the crackle paint. It's supposed to give your painting a cracked texture - and I've already have some 'experiment' swatches going. It's emphasized, even by the company, that this product is very unpredictable - so I'm going to want to play with it a lot before I use it seriously on a piece. Nonetheless, I'm still overly excited about it hehe.

Wow this was quite long! I guess I wasn't joking when I said I was excited! hehe


moxiecupcake said...

You and I seem to have the same taste in paints! I agree about the van gogh watercolors - the same thing happened with mine. I also tried Marie's at one point but those dried out like a rock after just a few months. IMO, you can't go wrong with Windsor & Newton... ever. ;)

IvaArt said...

I am lucky to have them 15mins from my home and they were just down the street when I went to art high school.
Quick delivery got to love that!

BeesAndTrees said...

Have you ever tried gouache? Sometimes I use Holbein acrylic gouache and it's so nice! Now I want to buy more paint - but I don't really need any...
It's so fun to have new supplies!