Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moving Sale!

I am moving, again. And in an effort to not have to move so much, I'm trying to clear out some of my paintings - hence, my Moving Sale. I don't have enough wall space for them all, and so I think they would be happier in new homes where they can be fully loved. There are some print pieces as well. This sale is taking place at my Etsy shop, Jellybeans.

These are great deals, some paintings are over 50% off, and some start at $15. It's the perfect opportunity to get some original, fresh artwork on yours walls! I will be adding some 'never seen on Etsy' art pieces as well as I go through my stock. These prices will go back to normal once I've moved - they're at discount right now in an effort to not have to move them.

Here's a peak:

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