Friday, November 12, 2010

My Studio Today...

I've been very, very busy this past little while - hence, the lack of blog posts, which I apologize for.

Firstly, here's my halloween costume which I had promised to share:

I was an octopus, and it was a huge hit with everyone! I even wore it to work the Friday before.

Things that have been keeping life occupied:
  • Various wedding orders - I do love working on these, I get to use my computer design skills as well as my painting.
  • Family Tree Commissions - I've been busy getting these done and out in time for the holidays. If you were interested in them, I'm only accepting one or two more for the Christmas deadline.
  • Study study study - I have a huge 6 hour exam coming up.
  • Clinical - it's almost done though! December 10th is my last day! But until then, I got to work harder every day to impress :)
  • Oil paintings - I'm still dabbling in oil. My Angie in Oil blog has been a little silent as well, but that will be updated right after this one, so check it out :)
  • Packing - I'm moving (again) very soon!! Only about an hour from where I am now, but it's still exciting...I'm most definitely counting down the days!
I'm a busy girl these days, that's for sure....

1 comment:

kelly.dee said...

That costume is AWESOME! Did you sew it all yourself??

I'd love to know how you made it!