Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Television Love

The one thing I love most about the holidays, or one of the many; would be the Christmas cartoons. I'm not huge on the newer ones. They're good, but they're not the classics. The classic Christmas cartoons are almost like tradition - I've watched them every year ever since I could remember!

First up is the cartoon, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". I know most people love Cindy Loo the most, if not the Grinch. But, I'd have to say that Max is my favorite. Especially when he puts the antler horn on the poor pooch.

Lucky me, it's on TV tonight! :)

Next up, it Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. This is probably the most adorable cartoon out there :)

Who can't love this old-school cartoon about a misfit reindeer that saves Christmas? And rescues the toys from the Island of Misfits. And wins the heart of the lovely doe, Clarice.

Lucky me, I got to watch this one last night!

Now, you can't forget about dear Charlie Brown.

Poor Charlie Brown and all his philosophical insights to Christmas. Snoopy's pretty cute too :)

I know that this one isn't so much a classic. But, Annabelle's Wish is also on my top Christmas cartoon list. Growing up on a dairy farm, this little Jersey calf hits home for me.

Little Annabelle just wants to be a reindeer that can fly.

Now those would have to be my most favorite Christmas cartoons :) What are yours?


Amanda said...

The grinch is definitely a favourite! We used to watch that every year. We never really watched Charlie Brown, but I watched it this year. :)

I also watched one about Santa as a kid (with red hair) being brought up by toy making elves (The Kringles)... I'd NEVER seen it before, but it looked old-school...

Amanda said...

Of course, Santa Claus is coming to town! I'd never seen it before.. I was surprised to find out Santa was a ginger kid! :P

I'm glad you like your card. :) If you sent mine by today, I should get it by friday .. *usually* the mail is pretty good within province. Thanks! :)

Good luck with your exams!

Lauren Alexander said...

I have a special place for those shows too! Especially the Grinch. I know he has a bad rep and it is not a cartoon but my all time favorite xmas special is Pee-Wee Herman's Christmas Special.