Monday, December 15, 2008

Test Time

Today's schedule:
  • Study,
  • Breakfast,
  • Study,
  • Exam (Radiographic Positioning and Procedures),
  • Printers, Post Office,
  • Mall (to pick up fixed - broken boot),
  • Hair Dresser (to fix haircut they gave me last week - my bangs need to be shorter - they're the perfect length to poke me in the eyes :(,
  • Home, but not home-home (dabble in blog and online, paint and watch Christmas cartoons.
I know I haven't been writing lots lately in here - it's final exam time, gah! It's so hard to get into holiday spirit while studying. Anyhow. I'm off to write an exam this afternoon, and since I always take a nice break - to catch up on life - I'll be writing a lovely post with some updates on some commissions I completed and lots of holiday cheer.

PS. This post is purely out of procrastination and my desire to not study...sigh...almost there!

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