Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heartland Episode Nine

Okay, so I'm not sure how many people out there reading this are watching Heartland on CBC. It's a Canadian television series, and it is so good. It makes me want to make my hunny turn into a cowboy, so that I can have a cowboy hehe. And every time I watch it, it reminds me how much I wanted a horse - and still do - as a kid.

It's funny, I grew up on a farm - definitely no cowboys though *sigh*. And I couldn't wait to get off it - I ended up going to London, Ontario for four years (for university). And now, I kind of miss part of it. Not so much the dirty chores - but the cute things (that, I admit, seemed almost like a burden at the time - I was a silly teenager then): like the calves being born, the kittens, the campfires, and all the stars. And of course, Twix (my rabbit, who unfortunately I couldn't keep - but I gave away to a kid who wanted him as a pet).

So yes, back to heartland. Please please let me know if you are watching it too, and what you thought about the episode! If you are in Canada, you can watch the episodes (full episodes in good quality!!! And all of season 1 too!) at

I'm too caught up in the show for my own good....I get antsy watching it, when there's a commercial, and really antsy when it's over and I want to know what happens next!

I'll probably end up re-watching the episode a couple times this week online...I have been for the last few.
I just found out the next episode isn't until January 4th...oh no :(

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Amanda said...

*sigh* i've always wanted a horse. but i dont watch that show ... Pat would complain so loudly through the whole show i wouldn't be able to follow. :P