Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Sketchbook!

I got myself a new sketchbook. My other ones were either full, or the paper was not the quality I like dabbling on (still good for super quick sketches that will inevitably end up in the trash - yes, bad artist practice I know). It's just a plain black one, but I hope to maybe decorate it or jazz it up a bit in the future. I just need to know what to do it up with!

Anyhow, I completed my first sketch in it just-just now (scanning as we speak!) It's of bluebells! I haven't seen these flowers since I was little and lived near Strathroy, Ontario (in Denfield to be more specific).

I think I have to figure out a better scanning system. I can't get the background nice and white on these :(


Crysto said...

very nice sketch!

Anonymous said...

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