Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Cherry Blossoms for you...

Spring is somewhat here - snowed a couple days ago, and the weather network sometimes is still calling for snow, *sigh* - But, it is generally here. With spring comes exam time - which has been taking a lot of time (study break to write this, hehe). I only have two more left, one this afternoon - which will be the hardest (Radiographic Procedures and Positioning) I think, so after this one it's clear sailing; as well as one tomorrow. I also have an assignment to finish up that's due next week - but I want it done tonight so that summer-break can officially end tomorrow; oh the ambition haha. For those who don't know, I'm currently attending Cambrian College for their Medical Radiation Technology program :)

As well, Etsy and Artfire have most definitely been keeping me on my toes - a kind of busy that I definitely enjoy, and always encourage *wink wink*. But, just so you don't think I've only been all work and no play, I want to share some commissions that I completed this week using the 'Cherry Blossoms' motif in a family tree style - one is on top and one below.

I can't take all credit, the design idea was thought up by the commissioner of the paintings (families from both sides). I think that's what I enjoy most about these family trees - the fact that I'm working with someone to create them, and they are part of the end result. It's always wonderful to collaborate :)

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