Monday, October 19, 2009

A bit of a shopping spree

I've gone on a bit of a shopping spree on Etsy this past week - I just couldn't help myself! It was like another person took me over!

So these are my spoils - traveling through the postal system as we speak!

Lemonade Tote - bayanhippo

I've been searching Etsy for a long while looking for a new tote, and I have a friend who made a recent purchase from this lovely store and had nothing but great things to say about her. So I take a look-see...and this yellow tote just steals my heart! It's nice and big - perfect for school stuff, and it has an elastic outside pocket - perfect for all the little things I loose in my big bags otherwise! Those features, along with the fact that it's was a sure thing the moment I saw it!

I've been looking at holiday cards on Etsy for a while. I saw these lovely squirrels in an Etsy Finds e-mail, and I was just smitten over the entire idea of the squirrels, and of the illustration technique used. I can't wait to send these out to all my friends! :o) I can't send out my own Christmas cards because my mom and boyfriend get them off me and send them out lol

I always try to send special thank you cards for my custom painting orders - since they are generally larger orders, and there has been a lot of communication with the buyer that I feel that I'm starting to know them, and so I can write more to them in my thank you note. I love these little mini cards with the speak bubbles! I ordered three different sets, and I can't wait to start filling them in!

I bought three bars of soap from this lovely seller, and a bar of shaving soap. Her soaps sound like they will smell delicious!This seller might become a new favourite shop! I'm also quite excited to try the shaving soap, since I never have before and I'm really not fond of the cans of foam (right now I just use my hair conditioner, which gets pricey).

So this was my shopping this week. There was tons more that I saw...but I am moving soon, and need to save a little mullah for expenses which are sure to arise there. What I do know though: is that I'm going to be smelling awfully awesome when I do move! Hehe


rachel said...

Nice work! I love going on Etsy shopping sprees :)

Sarah Knight said...

shopping is fun, and looks like all your items are lovely
: )