Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love smelly mail

I got these lovely package in the mail on Sunday from SoStinkingSweet (well, really Friday but I didn't check until Sunday, and now I'm sad I didn't know about it sooner...). Getting Etsy packages in the mail can make any dull-study-filled day wonderful! And in this case, smell so delicious!

I've started with the pink one with starts - Liquid Crack. The rest are still in my office, making it smell wonderful.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, I took it right when I opened it: at night, so there 'had' to be a flash :(

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RhiannonSTR said...

Nothing better than a package in the mail. Especially from etsy, and especially when it's smelly. I will be getting a lot of those for x-mas.
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