Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bundle Up!

Winter is just around the corner for us Canadians....those a little further South might be a bit more time out of fall. Up in Northern-ish Ontario (Sudbury), we've already had a couple snow falls. I enjoy snow...it's pretty and it's fun.

But it is cold...I dislike cold a little...so I've been thinking warm thoughts lately. I also wanted a 'stress-reliever' project, since school is busier now, and sometimes I just want to do something that doesn't have to do with anything else.

So, I started crocheting a blanket! It's a pretty simple pattern - but it's nice and relaxing. :) I wanted to make something really colourful too, if you couldn't tell from the colour selection!

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ohvotrecoeur said...

Hi there! I found you through the Lab Rats Street Team blog. Browsing away, I discover, hey.. we're both Canadian, and then.. what! You're from my hometown! Haha! Random! Cool to meet a Sudburian etsy-er. :)

-Haley / ohvotrecoeur.etsy.com