Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christmas Preview: Snowy Eve

I know, I know...Christmas is still ages away. But in the online world it has to come a little sooner just so everyone receives what they need from online purchases, with time to send them on to loved ones. I like to post my Christmas stationery early, so that people who live in far off places can order, receive the package and mail out their bounties to more far off places.

This year I have three new holiday card designs, plus my previous designs will be returning as well.

Snowy Eve is the first of my new 2010 card collection. It is offered in glittered and non-glittered formats. Personally I love the sparkle! It's a nice winter card, and can be used for other occasions than just Christmas.

It's an evening of lovely, pure snow falling down gracefully and collecting on a tree which has gone to sleep for the season.

These cards are available in sets, and of course are completely customizable! You can have a message printed into each of them, or even mix up the sets among all the cards so you have one of each! Go see my holiday section for the most recently listed items :)

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Stphanie said...

how cute!!! i love the shimmer