Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Family Farm: Some furry surprises...

Now, what do these look like? Feet of course, but more specifically?

Kitten feet! That's right, when I went to visit my parent's farm, they had a little of kitten's terrorizing about. The litter was of five kittens. Being farm cats, they are not always 'tame' we're only able to handle and hold three of the five. The mother is completely lovable, so hopefully the other two kittens will come around with time.

One of the reasons why we sometimes cannot hold the kittens, is that they tend to be born in 'inaccessible' locations, and so we cannot handle them until they come down...and by that point some have decided that they don't want anything to do with people. These kittens specifically were born in the ceiling of my dad's large work shop / equipment storage shed. How they got there, who knows lol.

This little guy is my favourite one, and completely photogenic! Look at him working the camera! I wanted to name him 'Milo'...but apparently he's been named something else

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