Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Camera!

I got a new camera this past weekend. The exposure button on my other one broke off, sending it, and the spring under it, flying across the room. I was trying to make do with taping them back on - desperate, I know - but it didn't cut it; I wasn't able to focus at all. So I broke down, and got a new one.

Oreo was my first test subject to undergo the many exposures on many settings. Its like he knows and is not so impressed with the increased attention lol. This is also a completely un-photoshopped image

I got a Canon Powershot. Still not really a fancy camera, but many times 'better' than my previous four year old camera. I'm still getting used to it, and trying to figure it out. I know that once I have playing around with the options a bit that I will love it just as much as my old on. And it's red - so I already sort of love that part of it.

I took a bunch of photos at home of the lovely fall colours. Once I've gone through and edited I will share them with you. I have a "foliage" setting, so we'll see how well that worked out!

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samos said...

Nice shot! Oreo is a great subject. =) It's always fun getting a new camera even if we weren't ready for it yet. I used my old one, working around a chipped lens for over a year! =)