Monday, February 21, 2011

Already missing the sun...

I arrived back home in bed from my trip to the Dominican Republic on Sunday - at 5 am. Boy, was I exhusted! I had an amazing time there!

We did two excursions off the resort. One was the 'waterfall excursion', where guides take you up waterfalls, and then you slide down the rock down or free fall jump off of them. It was very neat walking through the jungle, and going through the waterfalls - the rock formations were amazing. The highest jump was 21 feet. We also did zip-lining - so much fun, and a great way to see some forest!

My first time stepping in the ocean

Playing on the ocean bed - the one evening, the tide resided so far back we saw little fishes swimming in tidal pools. We didn't get any pictures of the fish, because as soon as we saw those, we saw we were surrounded by sea urchins! Ouchie! It was time to get out of there before we got hurt.

The Ocean bed when the tide went out.

Lots of relaxing was had.

A view of the mountain

Where we stayed

A view of the greenery of the countryside on the way to zip-lining

After surviving ziplining - one girl smashed into a tree because she didn't slow down / break like she was supposed to. I was so glad to get the hang of it without that happening. (Yes, they do have emergency breaks at the end, and they did slow we down - but she didn't slow herself down, so there's only so much that can be done. She was fine, just a few tears. But motivation enough not to let that happen to me).

A lot of the housing is painted bright colours, and a lot of the siding made with the bark from a type of coconut tree. During our one tour, we gave the children a bunch of candy. And, as we left our hotel, we left all our shampoos, soaps and such for the maids along with some chocolates and a hat. They don't have much, so little things like that help them out. And, had I not done that - my luggage would have been way over...I thought it would have put me under, I guess my clothes had a lot of humidity with them making them heavy.

I have so many more pictures, but definitely not enough space to share them here. I will be putting them all on my flickr account when I find some time. I have to wait to see if friends got pictures of the ziplining and waterfalls - my camera isn't waterproof, and it rained when we did ziplining.

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o wow! looks like an amazing place and lots of fun!