Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watercolor Wednesday: Oreo Part 1

I love my dear partner in crime, Oreo. He has been featured in many of my paintings before, but never with him as the sole subject - and never done in a slight attempt to get it life-like. Personally, I do find fur a challenge, and so I figured that painting him would be great practice and would hopefully make me more comfortable with all furry critters.

I'm not done yet, this piece is a bit larger than usual (12x16"), and is taking me a bit more time. I hope that it turns out to look at least a little like him - I know being my first watercolour pet portrait, that is asking a lot. But I will try, and if anything: at least it will look like a cat.


cabin + cub said...

I love his name! So cute! Nice to see you progress too.. looks great! ;)

Mattos said...

great blog, I think your cat is coming nicely