Friday, October 28, 2011

End of October Life Update

Things have been busy…really, when have they not been lately? lol. I played hooky on Monday from art class. I didn’t have enough time with working the weekend and being on call at the hospital, as well as working on commissions to write up a good class. I have a good acrylic effects one in the making right now though, and it will be complete with a painting demo. As well as some more drawing exercises – these exercises as so quick to participate in, and they build amazing skills.

Here’s a list of what been going on:

  • Works loads at the hospital…and lots of call. My job is going wonderfully, and I don’t think I could be happier then where I am. Sadly, I’m just replacing someone who is taking a maternity leave, and once the new mom returns I will be placed at a different hospital within the ‘network.’ I just hope that there will be a permanent opening, so that I can settle down somewhere. – My hospital organization runs about 5 hospitals in this area, of which I can work between them all under one employer and maintain seniority – it’s sort of a nice deal.
  • Finalizing plans for James and my ‘weekend getaway’ to Collingwood in mid November. We’re staying at the village at Blue Mountain Resort for 2 nights, 3 days (where we also get out yearly snowboard passes – I bet most of you didn’t know I did that! lol
  • Finding a Halloween costume for work. Finally just settled on the typical ‘cat ears n’ tail’ getup with some black scrubs. I work in a radiography department in a hospital – so most costumes just aren’t practical for moving patients and working with patients who – if from emergency – can technically be bleeding, muddy, ect – so anything extravagant would just get in the way, and maybe even get ruined.
  • Starting a collection – I’m not a huge collector, so this is sort of big for me. I’m going to start collecting the Dept 56 Christmas village houses, in the Dickens theme. I’ve started with scrooges house this year. Very excited for it to arrive!
  • Painting commissions are in full swing – If you are interested in one with a Christmas deadline, please contact me ASAP – I can only take so many with that deadline, and it’s filling in very quickly!
  • Christmas cards – since I’m only offering original painted ones, they have been keeping me on my toes. I’ll be posting an update later with a whole lot of new ones.
  • Working on some side painting projects – I have a new watercolour series I’m working on, and there’s always a large acrylic or oil painting sitting incomplete in my living area that I can dabble on here and there.
  • Finalizing plans for a Toronto trip with my Mom to see the One of a Kind show in Nov / Dec. I’ve been trying to make up some of my Christmas lists, so I can do some of my Christmas shopping there.

There are a few more little things, but these are the major ones. I have today off, so I will be running around with errands (post office), and painting. And then I work again this weekend.


gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

oh gosh!! sounds so very busy!
the weekend away sounds like something you need :)

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