Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Art Class–Drawing Exercise #2

Today we’re going to extend on the last class with a drawing exercise.

As you might recall last week, we were drawing without looking. Training the eye and hand to coordinate a little bit better. Now, this week: we’re going to be drawing the same subject. You can look: but you cannot lift off the paper. That’s right – we’re going for a continuous line today!


So there is mine. I only did one, because this exercise is a little bit slower. You take your time to try and get it as accurate as possible. I once again used charcoal and 18x24” newsprint pad – love these things for these sorts of important exercises. At a couple dollars, maybe less, each – you cannot go wrong!

Take your time this time. Think about how you approached the subject last week, and observe where would be the most practical place for you to start and stop. I started at the top in the middle, but you might find it better to start somewhere else: everybody’s creative though processes are different.

Once you’re done – come back here and post a link and share :)

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