Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Class: Inspirations–Klimt

I have always loved Gustav Klimt mostly for his portraiture like paintings – I enjoy how he portrayed the face / body of his subject in a realistic manner, and then created with rest with amazing intricate patterns. I especially enjoy his pieces with romantic embraces, there is just so much feeling that radiates from them.

Klimt was from Austria and he often portrayed more sensual women in his work. He contributed to the Art Nouveau movement. He puts in so much intricate details into his works, they are simply stunning.

If you would like to learn more, there is a website dedicated to him and his work:

Some of my favourites:

The Kiss – 1907-1908, oil

Birch Forest – 1903

Fulfillment - 1909

Here is my sketchbook page inspired by him:

in his arms

“In His Arms” – pencil, watercolour pencils and white acrylic pen

Homework: Work in your sketchbooks to create a sketch / drawing inspired by Klimt’s unique style.


Amanda said...

alright! i finally got around to this one:

LOVE how it turned out! :D

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