Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Freebies!

I had been waiting on this order for awhile and they finally came: my new freebies! These are to replace my business cards – since postcards can be used to send well-wishes to friends and family; instead of my business cards collecting dust or being thrown out.

Since I had gotten such a wonderful response from my “Full Moon” artwork, I thought it would be a good choice to grace the glossy front (and isn’t it just so deliciously glossy!!!). The back – for a wonderful surprise – is a sweet pink and pale-pink candy stripe. It is not coated with the glossiness – so it is very easy to write on.

A postcard is going to be included in every order until I run out (there’s lots, so it will be awhile). And suffice to say, it will be limited edition to the number that I have. Once these run out, I will be creating a new design, and this design will never resurface again.

If you really like them – you can purchase them in sets of 5 here. You will still get the free one as well – so it’s like getting 6 in a set :o)

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