Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Art Class Cont… : The Kitchen Chair 2b: Complimentary Colours and a Painting Demo

Thank you all for coming back for the last portion of the lesson! Let’s get right to the painting!

And then paint it up. I’ve decided to use the purple-yellow complimentary. I will be painting in acrylic paint. First sketch it out. I’m not too worried about getting the perspective right – I like the feel that a tampered perspective gives, it makes it sort of funky, and puts some emotion into it.


Paint in the background:


Blocking in the solid of the chair with cadium yellow:


Adding details:


And done!


The Kitchen Chair – 6x8” Acrylic on Canvas Board.

Available here

Can you see what other complimentary pair I snuck in? If you followed this exercise, please do post your link, I would love to see!


Amanda said...

yes, i want to do this! should have time this afternoon. :)

Jessica Farruggio said...

So cool! Makes me want to paint :)

Amanda said...

alright - here it is! SOOOOO much fun!