Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Genes

It’s quite obvious that there’s something in my families genes that have contributed to my being an artist. I’ve been creative ever since I could – Christmas gifts were often craft sets of all sorts, and then one year I got my first acrylic painting set from my grandparents. It was pretty cool looking: had Chinese lettering on the tubes – they had gotten them in British Columbia while visiting my aunt. They were pretty special to me, and I tried to use only teeny amounts and make them last as long as I could.

Anyways, almost everyone on my Mom’s side of the family is artistic in their own way. My mom has always dabbled in drawing and painting – she would doodle horses and deer while talking on the phone: with all the musculature….yes, doodling. My Aunt Connie is a wonderful painter who lives out west, you can see her art on her website.

Next would be my cousin Becky, she creates wonderful mirrors by piecing smaller elements together. She runs a store online called CatchaGlipseMirrors through Etsy. My favourite would have to be her Octopus mirror:

My Aunt Jane paints, and has an Etsy store called Waterlilys. There she offers adorable watercolour paintings and fine art paintings. Her My Treasure painting is perfect for the upcoming fall season:

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