Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Creative Space: Getting Folk-sy

Upon getting some new painting brushes (two Princeton Neptune brushes, and two Princeton Snap! brushes, which I absolutely love by the way, and will be getting one of these two brands again for sure), I wanted to great a ‘fun’ painting. With Halloween around the corner, I thought why not:

So that is where the painting stands now. It was a lot of fun getting to this point. The costumes that the four children are wearing, are costumes that my brothers and I have worn when we were young that my mom made for us: a lion, a cowboy (thanks to lots of dads old cowboy stuff), a princess and a dragon / dino. There are a lot of pumpkins by the house, and a trick-or-treating ghost on the lawn that are masked out.

I’ve sort of hit a ‘block’ with it though. I want to add some more scary things, but I’m not sure what. And I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing with the house, that’s why so much of it is left unpainted. A bunch more shadows…who knows.

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Halina said...

Your a master at watercolors I see. Lovely work! It really looks like a lot of fun :)