Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying gorgeous weather where they are (I know that it can't be like this everywhere, but I hope no one has horrible weather). I thought will all the bunnies, that I'd throw in a chickie this time :)

It's sunny now (on the eve of Easter)...but they're calling for rain tomorrow. That's okay though. It will 'refresh' everything :) (and I know my dad really needs some dribbles from the sky - he's a farmer, and just started planting and the ground is a little but on the dry and dusty side).

I'm at my parents for the weekend - studying all weekend - yes, festive I know. But I am happy to be out in the beautiful country, so it makes the books a little less painful. My internet is sporadic here, but I have my blackberry to keep in touch with friends / family - unfortunately no Etsy-ing though *frown*; but I guess it's good so that I don't procrastinate too much. But being home is nice nonetheless, even if I'm cooped up in the room like a hermit with my nose in science textbooks.

And! I can safely say that there will be some new paintings in the next few weeks coming up. I have a few commissions to finish first, but I have a lovely 2-week break from school and clinical, and I've gotten so many ideas walking around in the country (during study breaks, of course), and looking at all the early spring flora and fauna. I have random doodles on the backs of my study notes so I don't forget, I knew I should have brought my sketch book! Just goes to show, you never know when inspiration will strike!

I hope you all liked my bunny finds from my previous post :o)


Sarah Knight said...

I hope your Easter was a delightful one!
: )

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