Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miso Soup

Miso soup always seem to be a little luxury of mine when I got to go to a Japanese restaurant. Recently I have found it very readily available, and just as delicious, at the grocery store! The best part is: it is single portions - so I don't have to make a lot, and it's 'instant.'

Don't let the word instant scare you - this tastes just as it does in the restaurant. It's brought in from Japan (or so the package says), so it's got to be a little authentic. Here's a brief overview of creating it:
Dried tofu, green onions and wakame (seaweed).

This is the soybean paste - it looks like baby droppings to me, it was hard to look at the first time, and think - this is going in my mouth?! But it looked alright when all was said and done.

Pour in some water....and...wait for it....

Presto! Miso Soup! Yum!

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