Sunday, April 18, 2010


I posted a bunch of 'oldies but goodies' into my shop this weekend, offering them as prints. I'm not sure why I hadn't turned them into prints before. One of them was already being offered as a print in another store, and I thought I'd move it into my jellybeans store : Cupcake Bubble Bath - watercolor print

Now, I have lots of new work to post this week as well :) I've created some new watercolor paintings using more neutral shades - I love bright colours, but sometimes it's hard to match up the colours to a room; making these pieces perfect for any area of your home! As a hint: they are inspired by early spring, and I got the ideas when I was home at my parents.

I'm also adding two smaller, more playful acrylic paintings, with a third in the process.

And, as an update on the ocean painting that taking me's almost done! A few more fishes here and there, and a touch up here and there...and DONE. :D

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