Friday, April 9, 2010

A recent purchase...

I was stumbling upon Etsy - as we all do when we have no time to spare, but seem to procrastinate nonetheless - and I came upon this new Etsy shop: littlebranchspa. I was immediately drawn from the Etsy search to their wonderful presentation of their products.

Now, you must understand: I am a self-declared candle junkie. If the power ever went out, I would have the most well-lit, best smelling apartment, aside from those lucky bums with generators to help them out - but my apartment would still smell nicer!So, back to this lovely shop: I had to give their candles a try :) I ordered a set of votives and of tealights, in scents Lime Cooler and Black Currant Nectarine, respectively. On top of that! Since I was one of their first 25 buyers, I got a free candle tin as well - which I chose to be scented Love Spell :) - There is still time to get in on the free candle to your order :) .

The prices are wonderful, and for those fellow Canadians who are scared to order candles because of their heavy weight, and thus large shipping cost - they were very reasonable here; especially when you consider getting the free candle - it's almost free!

Now for my favourite part of all this: I was their first :o)...I love finding an amazing shop and being the first - it's like finding treasure before everyone else has!
So if you're a fellow candle lover, you should mosey on down to littlebranchspa and them a look :)

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Sarah Knight said...

those look lovely : )
I hope your purchase is an enjoyable one!