Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sketchbook Project: The Forest City

The Sketchbook Project 2012 - Long Trips and Short Phone Calls
Pages 6-7: The Forest City

London, Ontario is sometimes called 'The Forest City' since there are so many trees in it. This is where James and I met. It was there that during our (almost) five years together, that we lived the closest (until we started semi-living with eachother: he's gone half the week for a job somewhere else, and then half he works where I live).

Back to the story - despite never have met, and having been totally set up by a mutual friend: we lived within walking distance of each other. After that: we both moved for additional school - me to Sudbury, and he to Barrie. Then I moved to Orillia for clinical placement (half-hour from Barrie), and shortly he moved to Whitby for work (1.5 hours from Orillia). Then, I moved in with him for a couple months after school looking for work; but ended up working in Owen Sound (close to his home town, where he ultimately wants to end up). He got a job here but he wanted to keep working the Whitby job for he lives between two places. Yes, we have jumped around a lot. I cannot wait to not have to move anymore, or if we do: not have to move cities - or across Ontario.

So that's the travelling-hobo part of our story: the beginning though was in 'The Forest City'

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NICE! this is a really cute spread!