Friday, August 26, 2011

Art Inspirations: Introduction

I have decided - in an effort to continuously practice old and new skills myself, and share them with everyone - to start a weekly post on art instruction and inspiration. Sometimes it will be sharing with you all a painting technique, other times it will be sharing a wonderful piece of art and drawing inspiration from it. It will not only be encouragement for me to sometimes put my comfort zone to the side and try new things, but it will also work in an effort to use up all my hap-hazard art materials that don't seem to get used up (Yes, there is a solely personal and greedy reason for this hehe). Sometimes I find it's hard to get 'in the mood' when it comes to my art work...and when I come across posts, like the ones I hope to create, I just get sparks of inspiration - and that's ultimately is what I hope to achieve and share with you all.

I do not claim that these are all my 'original-never-heard-of-them-before' ideas, because that would be silly. Many of these ideas and techniques are well known among many artists, I'm just simply sharing with you to provide inspiration and to enlighten others who may not be aware of some of these wonderful techniques and materials. I do promise that nothing is taken directly from a book, and that all images that I present are mine in this series (with the exception of the inspirational pieces that I will share from other, most notably famous, artists).

I will try to run these posts on Mondays, and try my best to be diligent about it. We all know that I may have problems will keeping focused on one thing *blushes*...but I will try my best, since I think that this will be a lot of fun. For appropriate classes, I will try to get some videos made up - even if they're just a painting or drawing demo.

I'm not totally sold on any title for this series either - if you have an idea, please do share! It's seemingly hard for me to think up something, since it will be painting and drawing...and mixed media, as well as the inspirations pieces.

You can always click my label below as well to see my entire run of these 'classes' at any time.

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