Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Creative Space

Happy September! A snapshot at my creative space this week. I got two days off mid week this round (for working the past weekend), so I got some good creative time in. Here’s a bit of my mess:

I worked on my large painting that I had shared with you last week. It’s sort of taking a form of it’s own as I progress through it. I just keep adding layers, and it’s working itself up.

How it started this week:


And, since I haven’t make a movie in awhile; here is some speed painting for you. The song is “Eet” by Regina Spektor.

Please excuse that my head is in the way a lot of the time…

My snazzy plaid shirt is a old shirt of James. I have a whole pile of them from both James and my Dad – I tend to get paint all over the place, so it’s the only way that I don’t ruin all my clothes…although some still meet that unfortunate doom.

Where it stands now:


I also splurged on some gorgeous hot pink pumps this week for a wedding that I have this weekend. (I have a black dress that I’m wearing, so I wanted shoes that ‘popped’). I will just say now: I *love love love* heels lol…they just make you look so much more poised {ehm, makes legs go on for forever}…, and are the perfect accessory to any outfit.


I was initially looking for a stiletto heel, since they are my favourite, but my shopping was limited. I think the chunky heel is a little more funky, but I don’t have many ‘chunky heels’ so it will be a great edition to my wardrobe.

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Amanda said...

ooooh! awesome! LOVE those shoes! i agree, heels are a great accessory... now if only i could walk in them.... :P

Amanda said...

nix that - i can walk in them - i just can't wear them for more than 20 min! :P

nicole said...

the chunky heel is a bit more comfortable than a stiletto and i LOVE the colour!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

cool video!! it's great to see other people paint!
i admire your ability to walk in shoes that high ~ am way too clutzy to pull it off :)

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thanx for sharing!

Cool shoes, too! :)