Sunday, July 15, 2007


I just recently posted a new painting on Etsy last week. I thought I would try my hand at some cute children's art. If you click on the image, you'll be brought to it's listing. :)
I also went to see Harry Potter last night, and Transformers in the morning (for the second time)...I'm a geek I know, but I've seen it twice before my boyfriend has - it's great, it's not even from my age, and as of now, I'm more 'hardcore' about it ahah.

I'm also going to have a sister shop opening up soon, PinkKiwi where I will be selling homemade jewelery. I'm pretty excited to get it going, but I'm working up an inventory right now, so that there will be more then just one item in there. It should be up in the next week or so.


kalicat said...

very cute painting. said...

How adorable!!! Love it!!