Monday, July 30, 2007

Wonderful Sites

So I was slightly bored at work....just looking for something to keep me interrested for a little while, and I came across StumbleUpon.

It's this amazing service, that allows you to randomly stumble upon sites that fit a profile that you have created....warning though: it's slightly addictive. And by slightly, I mean very.

Here's some that I have "Stumbled Upon":

Sketch Swap: You draw a quick doodle, sumbit, and recieve on in return....pretty niffty I would say!

Breathing Earth: Provides an interactive flash map of the world, with statical data about in how much time someone is born, dies, and of course, Cardon Dioixde emissions. Turns out, one person is born only every 9.8 hours in Greenland, compared to everyone 1.8 seconds in's that for random knowledge!

Flicker Related Tag Browser
: Allows you to search through Flickr with tags in a very pretty environment.

Senses Quiz: this is a cool quiz about your sense, be careful, some of the questions are pretty tricksy!

Well, that's about all for now....I guess I'd better get back to work :(

♥ Angie

1 comment:

Staci Rose said...

stumbleupon looks very dangerous and highly addictive.

so i bookmarked it for later! thanks! :)