Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feature: Pretty Beads on Etsy

Etsy has many talented jewelry artist. Two of which I noticed were roccadesigns and ggsexclusives

Both artist's jewelry are very affordable and definitely work a look. All images are clickable and linked to each artist's listing in their Etsy shop.

Roccadesigns is run by Caroline Estrada., who is centralized in Atlanta, GA. Her modern jewelry design caught my eye with is gorgeous bright colors and the combination of simple bead elements. She also has a blog:

GGsexclusives is run by Ginny Moore, in Batavia, Ohio. She creates her jewelry from hand-crafted artisan beads, which she also sells separate as supplies, so her pieces are truly unique down to the beads. She also has a line for pets, where 10% of all proceeds go to two local charities - it can get better then that: buying beautiful pieces and helping out those poor animals in need; it just feels so good to purchase those pieces knowing the money is helping out. Ginny Moore's blog is:

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