Thursday, July 12, 2007


I had been hoping for some time to create a stronger prescence on Etsy, and so I have finally decided to start selling prints on Etsy. They are very affordable, and are of recent watercolor paintings. If you would like a print that is not posted on the site, please let me know, and I'm sure we could arrange something :)

Clicking on the images below will bring up the store listing.


Cara said...

I love those prints! I'm going to link to you in the blog post I just made about art for children. I love watercolors, and these bold colors are just right for children! :)

Block Party Press said...

I'm glad you are offering prints! Your work is beautiful. I really love the vibrant colors, and if you check out my shop or blog, you will see I really love trees and yours are fantastic. I am glad you posted to my blog, so that I could find you on etsy! If you ever want to be featured on my blog, just convo me!