Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Etsy Feature: Paper Planet

I came stumbling upon PaperPlanet one day - I think I found it in a treasury, I can't exactly recall now. But it had an original idea - completely original! I had never seen some of the products offered there in any other Etsy store. So it definitely deserved a feature!!

Paperplanet was created by Sherry in Pennsylvania, using a very Eco-friendly concept towards her artwork. Opening only 5 months ago, the store is already a success and is making it's mark in Etsy.

Sherry offers a wide variety of nature inspired art, including note and gift cards, bookmarks, magnets, coasters, pins and framed botanicals. My favourite items by far though would be the Earthlight candle holders.

Also, on one last note, Paperplant is now offering a wonderful sale: Sherry is offering two FREE pressed flower gift tags with every order during the month of July. You can see examples of tags here.

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