Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So with all these Christmas items that I had been posting, it was quite obvious that I skipped over an entire season - and a holiday!

So first up are my Autumn Stationery Set! Like the other new stationery lines, these are printed on beautiful and thick watercolor paper and come with the brown Kraft envelopes.

Autumn is always so full of colour - bright yellows and rich reds, mixed with a fresh sprinkling of greens. This stationery set has it all! The colours are cheerful and very vibrantly printed on the paper.

The set includes the following paintings: Autumn Forest, Corn Field, Red Forest, The Turning and Crimson Flourish. All of which are available as art prints and some as pocket mirrors (and Autumn Forest is still available as an original, here!). You can see my listing for more images!

Next is a Halloween stationery line that I have coming out - it's just going through final printing / prep. So all I have for now is a sneak peek at the designs, below. (Bigger / better images can be see on my Flickr account)

They will be available in sets of 3 and come with orange and brown envelopes - and it will be a very limited edition run - I know, I never do these! The reasoning is that these designs are unlike my other paintings, and very seasonal. I will have more information when I get these back from the printers and have them posted. Keep your eyes peeled!

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tara said...

Another Northerner??? Why am I always so happy to see neighbours in the blogosphere?