Monday, August 17, 2009

Painting updates!

It's been busy in the studio since I've been back! Lots of painting going on :o)

High Tide - 18 x 24" acrylic

First, I've finished the above painting last night. I titled it 'High Tide'. This painting was started in the summer, and it's the first of my larger 'summer pieces' that has been completed. I started it, because I was interested in attempting clouds. I think it turned out good for my first 'cloud attempt', I hope that I can improve with other pieces.

It was very difficult to capture this painting on my camera due to it's size and the fact that I don't have a professional set up - and not even anything close to one. So the colors are slightly off. There are more pictures on my Flickr page.

High Tide - detail

The blue portions are textured and contrast the more detailed stormy sky. There's a peaking of calmer sky behind the clouds, showing that it will all be over soon. Despite the painting portraying a storm, I don't get an angry or aggressive feeling from it, but that just might be me.

Ocean scene - detail

I've also been working on the ocean-themed painting, where a squid sort of creature resides now in the piece. I'll be working on it more today, getting some coral and a starfish complete.

I've also started a new painting. I wanted to try something new - painting the whole background a vivid color and then painting on top of it. I thought - what's more vivid than red? So this is the very beginning / baby stage of it. It will be a field landscape when it's done - unless of course I change my mind part way, which happens on a regular basis.

So on top of all these paintings, I have also been working on a large number of commissions of trees for my Jellybeans shop. My paint brushes have had no rest since summer came :o)

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moxiecupcake said...

Wow, "High Tide" looks awesome! When I was looking at the little preview thumbnail picture in my Blogger dashboard I thought it was a photograph! Great job. :)