Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back from Vacation!

I'm back from vacation now - well I have been a few days, I'm just a little more settled now.

Beach at Port Elgin, Lake Huron, Ontario

It was such a wonderful week and a half-ish. We spent the first weekend at the Paisley town civic long weekend festival, Beef Fest. It was filled with lots of music, silly games and best of all friends!

Sand turtle!

During the week, we hung out with friends we were visiting and went to the beach - so relaxing and the water was just beautiful!

Then we took a little day trip to Toronto to see the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)! It was amazing! I had never been before, and there was just so much to see! I don't have any picture - didn't even bring my camera - since I knew that I wouldn't have been able to take pictures within the gallery - although I saw some people 'sneaking' picture of the Group of Seven every now and then...hrm.

Lastly, we came back to Paisley for one of my honey's childhood friend's wedding. It was beautifully done, and we spent the night dancing away.

So for my vacation 'Cole's Notes' : lots of friends, lots of sun and lots of food. I'll need to do double time at the gym for the next few weeks....


Amanda said...

looks like you had a great vacation too!!!

(tomato-hating weirdo)


kelly.dee said...

You were in Toronto and you didn't visit me?