Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Studio Wrap-Up

Lots of painting got finished in my studio this weekend. I've been doing 9am - midnight painting sessions (don't worry, lots of breaks in between) trying to get pending summer projects, commissions, and random thoughts and ideas out onto paper and canvas. I've also been working on the larger ocean painting, adding new plant-like creatures to it.

So first for commissions: I did a family tree, and a repaint of my seedling painting (a larger version)
Now for the new stuff, you only get sneak peaks as it will be slowly all released and listed online this week:

Here we have some acrylic landscape paintings:

And here we have two hints at my new watercolor trees:

So as you can see - lots of new stuff this week! :)


Audrey said...

Love the family tree!! Very nice!

Joyce said...

looks like u were very productive! love the new work!

NUISHU said...

you've got such a cool stuff in your blog :) i like your works