Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prairie Wheat

I completed this 8 x 8" acrylic painting yesterday morning. I was itching to do a wheat field when I had gone home to visit my parents only to find that their wheat is starting to turn (Farmers term 'turn' = turn from green to yellow / light orange-red; depending on the crop. Crops, like wheat, are ready for harvest when they're no longer green).

My dad had also planted Soybeans - which are still green; so you can only image how inspiring they looked lying up against each other.

Through some trees on my parents farm; this was my 'reference picture'. You can't see the neighboring soybeans here since they're on the other side. But you can see what a beautiful shade of color it is!

This painting looks more like a prairie field out West than the fields back home. I live in Northern-ish Ontario, where there's a lot of trees and rock. But I think the simplicity of the field in this painting, along with a large clear sky, lets the wheat have the viewers full attention.

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Erin Spencer said...

This prairie painting is beautiful. I love how simple it is and especially love the clouds!