Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Custom Wedding Invitation Packages!

I am pleased to announce that I am offering wedding packages! They are, of course, fully customizable. The listings I have up are just sort of guidelines - anything can be taken out, added, increased, decreased ect.

It's a really unique package - you not only get the invitations done to your precise vision; but you get the original painting, and prints to give to the parents on both sides. Precious keepsakes for you and your family and your new family.

I've included examples of what I've done in the listings. The names and places have been changed just for privacy reasons. It's just coincidence that the trees are similar - any sort of painting can be designed for your wedding!

Available on:


Sarah Knight said...

Those look lovely & whimsical, best of luck with them!

Vanessa said...

Super cute invitation...very unique!

Margie said...

I really like the simplicity of the trees and how bright they are!