Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sandy - Progress shot 1

I decided I wanted to try my hand at pet portraits (and wanted a perfect opportunity to use my new Liquitex Soft Body Bright Yellow Green paint - which I solely bought because I liked the colour and without purpose).

Anyways, I started to paint my family dog, Sandy. She is now more my parents and younger brother's dog - but she gives me love whenever I visit, so I still constitute her as the family's.

The green is going to be showcased in the background, I think it will work very well with her colouring. I won't be painting her 'picture perfect' - I love colour too much for that! So I thought I would try a sort of pop-artish approach (if you want to call this that lol). I want to try and incorporate quite a bit of colour, while maintaining her light-sandy colouring.

And if you're wondering - she's a white Shepard breed - although we've been wondering for a while if there's not something else, like Huskey in her...she wasn't officially bred so there's no way to tell. But it doesn't really matter - just curiousity, my parents didn't get her just for her breed. They didn't really even care about it lol :)

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Stephanie said...

I love that background colour.

Whenever i think of multicolour paintings of pets it makes me think of lisafrank products that they used to sell for school supplies that has rainbow painted animals on them