Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Venus Love

James has recently moved ( far far away...well, only an hour) for a Paramedic job. I knew I had to get him something for his new place, since it is his first step into the 'real world' - James and I have been students, so this is his first non-student housing, with a non-student job.

It was had to choose something, but finally I settled on a plant. get a plant that wasn't girly, that was easy. Meet his new Venus fly trap:

It is quite a small plant - only a couple inches high. But it is definitely a hungry plant :)

You might have noticed the design changing on my blog this week and probably into the next week. Blogger just rolled out this template design tool, and I've been dabbling in it. I really like the two side columns, but at the same time, it just doesn't look quite right. What do you think?


Kelly Dee said...

Love the photos of it! I love the colours.

I can't comment on Blogger though.........I ditched it years ago for Wordpress and would never go back!

Anastasia Rinaldi said...

awesome pictures!! my brother is obsessed with these haha!

Stephanie said...

Those are not easy plants to please. I kept one for quite a while and you absolutely have to water them with bottled water. The minerals in tap water kills them fairly quickly

Victoria said...

Very cool!! Those plants are amazing. :o)

I think your blog layout is just fine... if I had any suggestion to make it might be to make the middle column a little wider? But then, my monitor is quite wide so that's probably distorting it a bit. Great blog!

April said...

Yay for carnivorous plants! We had some but they died :(