Thursday, February 21, 2008

Etsy Feature: Print Artists of Etsy!

So, in my new shop, I've been starting to dabble in linocut printing. I've already made a cardset and a postcard, and I have so many more ideas to carve up (espcially since I'm done midterms for a teeny-tiny while, and reading week is coming up)! There are so many beautiful print artists on Etsy, (and not only lino ones) and I thought that this would make a wonderful feature for today!!

First has to be AzureGrackle, she has been in the favourite sellers list for forever now! She doesn't really work with lino, but with wood-cut-printing instead. She uses transluesent layers of design to build up beautiful pieces of art. She offers a wide variety of items in her shop, making her work available to every person of every budget, and she has done collaborative work with fellow Etsy-artist: Procynidae. She also has great presentation - I her listings, she shows pictures of the actual wood-carved pieces that she used to print. I'm a huge fan of "seeing the process" - it gives tingles! AzureGrackle also has a blog where you can read up on updates.

Next artist is Amantha, who is relatively new to Etsy. A lot of her work is gocco, but I adore her etching peices. Her limited edition "Little Red Riding Hood" piece is beautiful, and little miss riding hood has been handcoloured in red - I think the focal it creates adds a wonderful touch and some brightness to this eery piece. Although it looks like the wolf has little red riding hood, she still brightly and happily stands out amoung him, and skips along her way. Too bad she doesn't know the wolf is going to dress up as her grandmother and try to eat her later... but lets not worry about that slight complication at the moment - we all know she lives happily ever after :) Amantha also has a blog where you can check her out at.

Next is minouette, who's print has unbelievable detail. When I started carving up my little lino blocks, I couldn't imagine doing anything extraordinary, but looking at her work I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time, effort and love she puts into each carving. On top of that, she prints on gorgeous handmade Japanese paper, and on some frabric, creating little stuffed animals. My favourite, "Elephant" is done with lovely black-silver ink - simply gorgeous! And like AzureGrackle, minouette also includes pictures of her carved blocks....mmm, more tingles! She also has a blog.

mLee is another lovely wood-cut print-artist, who also works in mixed media. Like previously mentioned artist, she shows her carved blocks and the process (which I love lol). The piece that really caught my eye was "ooooh Ginkgos", which is done on japanese paper with torn edges. Despite how busy the layers may look, I find the overall appeal of the piece to be very calming and relaxing. mLee was also a featured artist on Etsy - a wonderful privlege - so I'm not the only one whos eye she has caught. She has recently (very recently) opened up a second store, where she is selling prints of some of her pieces, making her artwork more accessible to everyone - I love artists like that! She also has a lovely blog, where you can read into her life and art updates - and she includes lots of pictures of her workspace! :)

I hoped you liked my little print-artist "share" I'm off to sketch up some more ideas! I got lino-syndrome!

♥ Angie


Jenrosesegrest said...

This was a great read. I took some printmaking classes recently so it was very interesting to see these artists. I have also been really curious about this whole Gocco craze. it looks like it's the cat's pajamas.
xoxo jen

minouette said...

Dear Angie,

I noticed my views and hearts went up this weekend, so I googled "minouette" to try to discover why, and found this post. Thank you so much for featuring my print! I'm very flattered! You have a lovely blog, and I'll have to keep an eye on it. ;)

Best wishes,

Ele (aka minouette)