Thursday, February 28, 2008

Etsy Feature: Soaps of Etsy

I love showers, and I love shower products! Being clean is one of the best feelings in the world, and I love the cleaning products available on Etsy to get there!

First is Soapalooza. My first soap purchase was from this etsy store. I had purchased Strawberry-lime fusion, and loved it! The circular shape of the soap surprisingly makes it easier to hold - it fits into your hand perfectly, and the scent was wonderful with a great lather!

Other great soaps to try out from this shop: Frosted Cupcake Fusion, Raspberry Lemonade Fusion and Fresh Cucumber Soap.

My next feature is GydonyaToo, where I purchased their SweetPea Floap - soap that floats. It was remarkable scented and I loved how colourful it was. Despite the rough texture that you see of the soap, one use smooths that right down! I was also scent a sample, but I forget what it was - it was so long ago; but it was very nice!

Nexy is Lilybaysoap; the product which caught my eye was their Juicy pearn'blackberry soap with shea butter. It just sounds so delicious! This bar is also topped with exfoliating poppy seeds.

Other products to try out from Lilybaysoap's are: Cupcake soap (in the shape of a frosted cupcake!), Milk Honey and Oatmeal Natural Soap, and all natural Lemon Poppyseed soap.

My next shop is Everscents, an Etsy store which just recently opened. I favourited their Pomegrante Green Tea Shaving Slice a while back - doesn't it just sound so good! I really like how artisans are starting to create shaving bars - they definitely beat the cans of shaving cream - and there is significantly less waste!

Other products to give a look at: Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap (filled with exfoliating oatmeal!), Fresh Peach Soap, and Lemongrass Blend Soap.

Now we have MorganStreet, a loved soap seller on Etsy. Her GreenTea soap sounds wonderful, and it's a beautiful green colour (I heart green so much!). This particular bar has double the Shea butter of other recipes - can you imagine how clean and soft you'll be??


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nice remodel!!!!! love the background.