Saturday, February 16, 2008

Etsy Feature: Write it down!

I love journals, and for awhile I owned lots of them. My only problem with journals is: I can't really seem to know what to fill them up with. When I was in my younger, high school years, I loved to write. I thought about being a journalist, and so I wrote for my high school in the local newspaper. Me and my one friend Amanda, Ulixis @ Etsy, would write stories together, taking turns writing a page each. I also kept a very detailed diary filling a couple large notebooks - which I still have - but they're hidden away somewhere. I stopped writing stories in my last year of high school, and I stopped writing in my diary after a few months at University. I even remember the last thing I wrote about - it was one of those silly two-month relationships. I often wonder if I stopped writing just because I was growing up. And yes, I know, that through my blog, I'm partaking in the act of journaling, but it's not the same as putting pen to paper - and most of these posts are about my store or other items.

Anyways, this whole ramble has a point. I have found a number of journals that I simply adore, but I can't bring myself to purchasing them, because I have nothing to put into them - and I already have enough books with only a page or two filled trying to get back to journaling - so I cannot buy another one until I know what to put into it. So until then, I will share my journal love with everyone else - hoping that someone else can give these lovely books a home so that I do not buy them and have them sit around purposeless in a box in a corner in my room somewhere.

Above are SuzyJack's "Burst" notebooks.

Here are some "Purple Magnolia" moleskine notebooks by shoofly.

This is a "Red and Orange Print" journal by Kristincrane.


shoofly said...

Thanks so much for featuring my notebooks in your post! :)

I have an idea, you could fill a notebook with daily sketches, then post them to this flickr group!

Lorelei said...

Cool notebooks! Going to check that out now on Flickr.

Oh BTW, I've been tagged and am passing it on!
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greenbean art said...

hehee.... i never finished writing in journals either... but they are so beautiful to purchase and use if only for a few pages... and one is always good to put down your goals for biz and/or art... all the journals are darling!!!

Infinite Cosmos said...

I am on the same page when it comes to journaling! I too used to write in my journal religiously from when i was about 7 until i was around 20. I stopped for many reasons, one being that i began traveling a lot and was really scattered so i couldn't hold onto a journal for long enough to keep a cohesive trail of thoughts, and another reason being that i had a crazy ex read my journal and throw my thoughts in my face and use them against me. That was pretty traumatic so i stopped. Anyways, i recently found that MAKING journals is really fun and now i just write things like blog ideas in them rather than my deepest of thoughts :-) i have some pics of them on my blog.
I really love your blog and will check back often!

Contrariwise said...

But you're blogging! So that's now your journal!

(BTW, I love journals too.)

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