Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New ACEO and Etsy Video!

So first off, I'm listing a new item in my Jellybeans store today - it's been done for forever, but I just never had the time to bring it in to work and scan it all up!

This ACEO is called, "Sappho's Apple Tree," and it's on signed in titled on the back with pencil.I'm currently taking a course about Greek and Roman Love Poetry, and this fragment of poem in particular stood out for me, and gave me some creative sparks.
105a (L-P)
As the sweet apple reddens on the top-most branch,
the very tip of the top-most, and the apply pickers had forgotten it;
no, not forgotten; they couldn't reach it.

My second "story" of the day, is Etsy's new video on Gocco printing! (I love etsy's video's and they always make me want to learn new things...yes, the urge is addictive and almost overpowering).

Anyways, I was thinking about learning silkscreen a long while back - but this would be an excellent alternative. The only thing stopping me from spontaneously doing this, is the requirement of all the specialized equipment. I'm thinking I'm going to put a little of my Etsy funds away for a couple weeks, and then get the little set up - oh, the ideas! I had better put them all in my sketchbook for later....


onama said...

oh man! one day... one day I will gocco!

kelly.dee said...

I want a Gocoo like woah.

Hard to find though.