Monday, March 10, 2008

Mini-Egg Madness

So as Easter approaches, the lovely Cadbury mini-eggs come out - how I love thee!

To my excitement, I came across these pendents, which resemble that chocolaty goodness that I hold dear to my heart and even closer to my stomach.

These egg pendents were created by missficklemedia on Etsy. Miraculously enough, between the time that I saw them and came into blogger to post, they had already sold! I should have known they wouldn't be around long, nor are the Cadbury mini eggs that I love.

Now I want mini impossible craving to curb, thanks missficklemedia he he.

3 comments: said...

I know! I love the Cadbury eggs! I haunt Walmart until they show up each year.
Thank you for showing off the Speckled Eggs, there's more on the way!

Amanda said...

mmmmmm.... Cadbury ~ THE best chocolate, any time of the year!

Oh, and coincidentally, I had some mini eggs today!!

Rascallion said...

These are cool, and guilt free with way less calories than the chocolate variety! Love 'em.